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 Photographer Don Browning continues his Auto Racing Adventures.

Due to extensive on Track Schedule racing in SCCA events, Don Browning is not expected to enter State or National elections in 2015/16 cycle.  Don stated, "Congressman Ted Yoho and Rich Nugent are doing a great job".  "My efforts are to help in efforts to reform Congress by supporting the Yoho Nugent District efforts."   "Campaigning The Villages/Marion No. 49 is becoming a full time effort."   Don Browning has a history of entering National, State, or Local political races and SCCA road races!


The Villages Marion County SCCA Driver Don Browning tackles famous Sebring International Speedway.  Under the Old Dogs Racing Tent, Don followed the Skip Barber Motor Sports route into motor sports and graduated to Performance Driving Group under Henry Gilbert and John Zuccarelli.  Just returned from Belows Creek NC to have a new Rossini Racing Engine installed, Don is gaining seat time in his Miata at various Florida Road Racing Tracks.

Old Dog Racing, Driver Don Browning

SCCA National Event 2015 Sebring International Speedway following Miami Homestead International Speedway 

Homestead International Speedway
Hosts the SCCA First National Event of the Year 2015
Signed up for the event is Danny Steyn, Sellin Rollan and Mark Gibbons, all likely to end up in First Place in The MX 5 SM Class. 


Don Browning prepars for the Sebring Thanksgiving Race Weekend Turkey Trot Race 1
Sebring International Speedway
Danny steyn dominated Race 1 and was leading when tire troubles took him out.
Selin Rollan was always in contention and won race number 2.
Mark Gibbons was Third overall and received a third place Season Finish for the Old Dogs Racing Team 
For best results, give them plenty of sun, frequent watering, and regular fertilization.

Don Browning of Browning Brothers Racing Signs on to Power his MX5 Mazda with Rossini Racing Power.  

John Zuccarelli and Henry Gilbert of Performance Driving Group host racers at Daytona and both George and Don Browning partisipate in an outstanding HighPowerEvent!






Central Florida TourismMarion County presents The Great American PowWow!  The Villages, and Chambers Farm near Ft McCoy.  Don Browning reporting.

Wildlife Photography is a goal of a large sector of tourism folks.  Dodging the usual attractions for a few days many photographers take to the great outdoors of Central Florida.

Construction Crew
"Construction Crew", is an image of workers during the building of the new Marion County Courthouse 2010. See the original image in the Marion County Courthouse.
Image by Don Browning, building by a bunch of Great Workers. Known for Icons of Marion County and the Heritage Collection, Don's work is represented in a permanent Traveling Exhibit for the State of Florida.

Hard Hat Worker's Image, Selected by Blue Ribbon Selection Panel


        Visit the Villages for a fun filled day.  Stop at The Fresh Market to kick off your adventure.

MCA holds Bobby Goldsboro Art Exhibit 

Don Browning's documentation of an Important exhibit by Bobby Goldsboro and MCA.


Below are several Slide Shows of Don Browning Mixed Media images of Wildlife, Florida Icons and other art from Don's point of view.  The Second third and Forth set are Americana here in Central Florida.

Veterans at the VFW retirement home in Ft. McCoy have a special place in Don's interest.

The Archer Parade is a slice of Florida at its best.  Please enjoy and visit Don at DonBrowning.com to comment.


The Florida Arts and Cultural Meeting was held November 17, 2010.  This is a personal invitation from Arts Council member Don Browning to come to Tallahassee and attend any of our meetings. For Information Call the Division of Cultural Affairs Director Sandy Shaughnessy.   Visit the Gallery East in Belleview Florida for a Arts Council Member recommended Art Experience.

Marion Cultural Alliance held a wonderful reception at On Top of the World Commons Nov. 20th, 2010.  Bobby and Dianne Goldsboro showed Bobby's wonderful paintings. 


Welcome graphic

Planned Exhibit for 2011.

Fort McCoy VFW Home is in need of support.  View images from the recent Horse Fest and the 911 First Responders program.

Visit and help honor our Vets.  

 Bo Diddley, 1928-2008 Inducted into the Florida Artist Hall of Fame.  Songwriter-Guitarist, and vocal musician who helped revolutionize pop and rock & roll in the 50's and beyond.

Join Artist Don Browning as we remember Bo Diddley's life, times, the Celebration in Tallahassee during Florida's Heritage Awards Ceremony.

At home in Archer, Alachua County, Bo Diddley cared about the youth of his community.  Bo Diddley considered the whole world his community.

In the 1950's, when I was a young man, Bo Diddley was the man, he rocked us to our souls.  Today the State of Florida, honored Bo Diddley and his family with a Formal Introduction into the Florida Hall of Fame.

Meet his family and friends, and take a moment to look back in history.  I had the pleasure to meet many proud members of his family, His Sons, youngest daughter, grand daughters and more.

Back in those days, it was said that if we listened to rock and roll, it would stunt our growth, we wouldn't be able to excel in school or life in general, and all around it just could't possibly be good for us.

We knew that rock and roll, especially from Bo Diddley lifted our spirit and made our whole being move from our feet to as high as we could reach. 

 You Go Bo Diddley!

Photon Magic Art Exhibit at the Florida School of the ArtsSt. Johns River Community College Feb. 18th, 2010 to March 12, 2010.
Don Browning will lecture on his Florida Art, at 1:00 Feb. 24 at St Johns River Community College. 

Economic Action Team

Heart of Florida connection.  Learn how Marion County is helping lead Florida's Economic Recovery.
Alachua County Yulee Days.  Sit back and enjoy!

Multi Panel Art helps tell an idealized interpretation of scenes we experience daily.  Visit Central Florida for the photo realistic experience of your lifetime.

Photon Realism awaits you at the Florida Arts Collage, Photon Magic Exhibit.  An Idealized Interpretation of everyday Central Florida Treasures.

Select Community Art by Don Browning
Florida Council on Arts and Culture Member. 
Asia influences the Americas, a journey.

A new decade, Water Czar Don Browning asks everyone to take a deep breath and end old bad practices.  Clean Water is important.  Let's stop dumping our Sewer Effluent into the Aquifer.  There is plenty of clean water from springs that can be redirected back into the Aquifer as recharge.  

Sit Back and Relax, The Sunset Harbor Heron Rookery is alive and well because we all cared.   A special thanks to President Joe Pickens of The St. Johns River Community College and the Florida School of the Arts, for his support of the Arts and Florida Environmental Wildlife causes in the early days.

The Story of Marion County Florida. Iconic Images, linked to a rich history, based in Education, Technology, Farming and the Arts.

Florida's Wading Bird Heritage Collection.  Marion County Florida is base to the Arts and Birding Capital of Florida.

Florida's Springs and Birding Opportunities are abundant in Marion County Florida.

Butterfly Art is all a part of visiting Marion County Florida.

Hunting and Viewing Nature Trail Capital, Marion County Florida.

Marion County Guide to the Horse Capital of the World. 

Marion County Florida Art Center a must on any Florida Visit.

Visit Silver Springs, Rainbow Springs and the Ocklawaha River on your way to Ocali Days Historical happening.

Icons of Marion County. The Historic Story of Marion County through Browning's Infrared pre-Kodak era Art.

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